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Technology Benefits

Akustica's product platform is an acoustic MEMS chip containing signal processing capabilities and acoustic components.

Our competitive advantage stems from patented advances in acoustic MEMS technology developed by Akustica's founders at Carnegie Mellon University. Akustica's products are a new and revolutionary type of MEMS that integrate speakers and microphones on a single computer chip, resulting in acoustic products with a compact design, low power consumption, improved audio quality and advanced computing functionality.

Furthermore, and perhaps most important, our acoustic MEMS can be produced using the standard integrated circuit (CMOS) equipment and processes.

Product Benefits

  • Compact design
  • Low power � microwatts, not milliwatts; disposable products
  • Computing power � integration of advanced functionality such as noise cancellation, directional microphones, voice recognition
  • Manufacturing maturity - produced with existing CMOS processes
  • Multiple membranes - increased performance & sensitivity
  • System on a chip � high reliability and low total production cost

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