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Akustica Chips That Can Hear, Speak and Sense the World Around Them

Akustica's Sensory Silicon™ products are a family of complete digital, analog and mechanical systems that can hear, speak, and sense the world around them.  Sensory Silicon devices are designed and manufactured using our revolutionary CMOS MEMS technology which is superior to other MEMS technologies in both device performance and manufacturability.

Our first Sensory Silicon products are a family of single-chip digital microphones that dramatically improve the audio performance of the products they are in. Leading PC makers are currently designing Akustica digital microphones into their upcoming laptop platforms, while present and future digital microphone products have captured the interest of developers of phones, headsets, cameras and a wide range of other advanced products.

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The World's Smallest Microphone:  AKU1126!



  • 2mm x 2mm x 1.25mm package size:  75% smaller than alternative solutions

  • Monolithic solution - CMOS MEMS microphone chip with integrated acoustic transducer and analog output amplifier

  • Multiple AKU1126 can fit in same footprint used by single microphone

  • Consumer electronics manufacturers can incorporate microphones and microphone arrays into smaller form factor device

  • Standard CMOS - For manufacturability, reliability, low cost, and quick design cycles.

  • RoHS-compliant and Halogen-Free






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