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Akustica Chips That Can Hear, Speak and Sense the World Around Them

High Quality Voice Input for Laptop PCs

With the explosive growth of chat and VoIP Internet phone services, computers are becoming important communications appliances. And Microsoft Vista® and Apple OSX Leopard® operating systems both promise rich new voice-based capabilities.

Akustica's AKU2002 Digital Microphones enable computer manufacturers to simply and economically implement optimized microphone arrays that offer users a dramatically enhanced audio experience.

Acoustic microstructures and single-bit digital output make the AKU2002 virtually immune to the high levels of RF and electromagnetic interference that exist near LCD displays and motherboards, and eliminates the need for bulky shielded cables that create design problems and drive up manufacturing costs.

PC makers are now free to locate microphones anywhere, positioned for optimum audio performance away from acoustically noisy keyboards and inside bezels next to displays. Users can speak naturally to their computers, even in noisy environments like airports and other public places, to make phone calls, chat or use voice-activated features.

AKU2002 Digital Microphones are ultra-thin, surface mountable and fully compatible with automated manufacturing systems to further reduce costs.

To discover how easily and cost-effectively you can transform the audio capabilities of your entire computer product line, contact Akustica today.

AKU2002 Digital Microphone Features:

  • Ultra small, ultra thin – fits inside bezels of even the smallest notebooks
  • Dual microphone arrays create directionality and noise suppression to enhance audio quality
  • Immune to RF and electromagnetic interference
  • Can be located anywhere, without bulky and costly shielded cabling
  • Enables dramatically enhanced audio performance with low BOM and manufacturing costs

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AKU2002 Details
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Notebook PCs
Mobile Phones
Speakers, Inertial & RF

See the AKU2000 in action in Fujitsu's 2.2 lb. audio-enhanced executive notebook.