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Akustica Chips That Can Hear, Speak and Sense the World Around Them

Create Thinner, Smaller Phones That Even Sound Better!

Mobile phones are getting thinner, smarter and packed with even more functionality. Soon, all phones will use ultra-small and thin analog or digital MEMS microphones to improve sound quality, save space, reduce power, simplify baseband circuitry, and cut costs of materials and manufacturing.


The AKU1126 analog output microphone is a mere 1.25 mm thick, and does not require a socket or connector. It is surface mountable and compatible with pick-and-place automated assembly and wave solder equipment to streamline assembly and manage manufacturing costs. In addition, two or more AKU1126 microphones can be used without increasing the PCB footprint or current budget dedicated to the single microphone used today. This makes the AKU1126 ideal for use in mobile phones using the next generation noise suppression technology that is available on the leading chipsets today.

The result: Thinner, cooler phones with acoustic quality that will delight users!

To discover how Akustica can take your next phones to the next level, contact us today.

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