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Akustica Chips That Can Hear, Speak and Sense the World Around Them

Future Sensory Silicon:
Speakers, RF and Inertial Chips Create New Frontiers

As Akustica digital microphones transform today's computers, phones, headsets and other products, we are hard at work applying Sensory Silicon™ technology to create new kinds of microstructures and even more revolutionary products.

Akustica has already prototyped a wide variety of functionality using our proven CMOS MEMS platform. We are passionate about the potential, and we hope to spark your imagination about what the near future of Sensory Silicon holds in store.

The higher fidelity, smaller size and lower power requirements of Akustica speaker chips will improve the performance of phones, hearing aids, PDAs and other personal products.

Inertial Sensors
Structures similar to those in Sensory Silicon microphones can be used to place accelerometers, free-fall sensors, tri-axial and angular rate sensors, and even gyros on-chip with other processing circuitry. The application potential of these sensors includes low-cost impact protection, handheld devices that respond to users' gestures, enhanced GPS systems and many others.

RF Switches
Mechanical microstructures can create low insertion loss RF switches to replace less efficient transistors or relays and improve the performance, efficiency, size and battery life of phones, test equipment and a wide range of other products.

Tunable Components
Sensory Silicon technology can be used to create variable capacitors and higher Q inductors on silicon.

Resonators, "Crystals" and More
The mechanical nonlinearity of Sensory Silicon permits resonators and crystals to be created on silicon, including microstructures that combine both demodulation and filtering functionality.

At Akustica, we would like to understand your needs and use that information to create innovative new products to meet them. Contact us today.



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