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Akustica Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA.

We develop acoustic MEMS chips with an exclusive license to several patented MEMS technologies originally developed at Carnegie Mellon University. Akustica has an experienced management team and world-class strategic advisors with industry experience and notoriety.

While the majority of our production is outsourced to standard computer chip (CMOS) foundries, our facilities include proximity to a new Class 1000 Clean Room for post-production of products.

Akustica is focused on the development of acoustic microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for next-generation audio and acoustic products. MEMS are computer chips that have both mechanical and electrical components. The mechanical components on acoustic MEMS chips are membranes that function as speakers or microphones.

There is a proliferation of acoustic products in the market today, most notably in mobile phones, hearing aids and consumer audio devices. Many of today�s products, however, have reached their performance limitations due to the shortcomings of the current technology. Acoustic MEMS will launch a new generation of audio and acoustic products that will provide better performance at a lower cost.

Akustica combines the power of computing with miniature and integrated acoustic components to deliver a new class of audio and acoustic products. Akustica technologies enable us to integrate comprehensive systems onto single chips, which eliminate costly discrete components, reduce component space, simplify the manufacturing processes, lower system costs and increase reliability.

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