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Important Notice: Akustica Incorporated is not a publicly traded company. The information presented on this page, and throughout this website, does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any security. Such an offer can only be made by the 'Private Offering Memorandum' which includes risk factor disclosures.

For investor information, please contact:

    James H. Rock, CEO
    River Park Commons
    2403 Sidney Street, Suite 270
    Pittsburgh, PA 15203

    Phone: 412-390-1730
    Fax: 412-291-1500
    Email: [email protected]

About Akustica

Akustica delivers acoustic system-on-chip solutions that enable innovative products with superior capabilities and cost-performance advantages for mobile communications.

Unlike conventional acoustic component suppliers, Akustica's patented MEMS technology leverages standard CMOS microelectronics to offer a new platform for product development and sound innovation. In addition, Akustica's manufacturing approach harnesses global CMOS chip foundries for scalable capacity, consistent quality and lower unit costs.

By combining electronics with acoustic components, Akustica is forever changing the way sound is captured, processed and reproduced.

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