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Akustica Chips That Can Hear, Speak and Sense the World Around Them

Career Opportunities

The working environment at Akustica is an energized blend of entrepreneurial spirit, cutting-edge technical expertise, and an overall commitment to teamwork and results.  As the worldwide leader in acoustic MEMS technology, we offer an innovative environment that attracts, motivates, and rewards creative professionals.   Our employees know they can count on the support and resources necessary to meet challenges head-on, to answer leading edge technical issues, and to achieve personal and professional success. 

We support employee initiative, creativity, and innovation through an atmosphere of open communication, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence.

Akustica prides itself on the ability to attract the best talent from around the world.   Recent relocations have moved from San Diego, San Jose, Portland, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Melbourne, Boston, Germany, and Great Britain.

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We are currently looking for the following people:

Test Engineer



Strategic Advisors
Board of Directors
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