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Akustica Chips That Can Hear, Speak and Sense the World Around Them

Sensory Silicon Advantages

Akustica Sensory Silicon microphones are inherently superior to conventional and multi-chip microphones in virtually every way:

  • Smaller and Thinner – Can be mounted almost anywhere, including bezels and inside products too thin or small for other microphones.
  • Digital Output – Eliminates costly shielded cabling required to protect analog signals from RFI/EMI, allowing microphones to be located almost anywhere.
  • Surface Mountable – Compatible with automated manufacturing systems, reducing manufacturing costs and increasing end product reliability.
  • Acoustics – Highly matched microphones produce more consistent audio characteristics for effective arrays and predictable, reliable product performance.
  • Noise Immunity – Acoustic microstructures are highly immune to magnetic interference and mechanical vibration, while digital chip output is unaffected by RF and EM noise present in consumer electronics devices.
  • Low Power – For longer life in battery powered products.
  • Standard CMOS – For manufacturability, reliability, low cost and quick design cycles.

Outsourced Manufacturing
Sensory Silicon Advantages