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Akustica Analog Microphones

Introducing the World’s Smallest Microphone: AKU1126

The 2mm x 2mm AKU1126 CMOS MEMS analog output microphone is the world’s smallest microphone that uses standard semiconductor packaging and materials. Leveraging Akustica’s 1mm x 1mm CMOS MEMS microphone die, the AKU1126 is also the world’s first and only single chip MEMS microphone which integrates the transducer and associated circuitry on a single piece of silicon.  In contrast to other silicon microphones, Akustica’s one die approach eliminates the need for inter-die wirebonds, allowing for smaller, higher performance, more reliable products.


The AKU1126 also provides a gain select pin which allows the user to increase the gain of the microphone by up to 12dB by using one additional resistor. This enables designers to adjust the gain of the microphone for both near-ear as well as far-field applications - such as speaker phones or headsets - without the use of additional amplifiers.


AKU1126 microphones are simple to integrate into many consumer electronic devices with little to no design changes. In addition, two or more AKU1126 microphones can be used without increasing the PCB footprint dedicated to a single microphone used today. The low power consumption of the AKU1126 also allows two microphones to be used in the same current budget as a single traditional microphone. This makes the AKU1126 ideal for use in very small end-user devices such as mobile phones and headsets where board space is at a premium and a high degree of voice quality is required.


Advantages of AKU1126

  • 2mm x 2mm x 1.25mm package size: 75% smaller than alternative solutions
  • Microphone sensitivity gain is user-selectable up to 12dB via an external resistor
  • Low power microphone leading to increased battery life for portable devices
  • Standard CMOS processing for manufacturability, reliability, low cost and quick design cycles
  • Lead-free surface-mountable for improved manufacturing reliability and efficiency
  • Automated pick and place compatible
  • Halogen -free in accordance with IEC62020-2-21
  • RoHS compliant



AKU1126 Product Brief


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2mm x 2mm AKU1126 Analog microphones


World's smallest 1mm x 1mm microphone die