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Technology OverviewFeatures and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Akustica's Microphone Chips and Speaker Chips offer unique advantages for sound innovation and product development, including:

Conventional Components Akustica Chips Advantage
Integrated Electronics No Yes

Combine signal processing circuitry, software and the functionality of microphones or speakers onto a single, standard CMOS semiconductor chip

Performance Innovation No Yes

Deliver a range of advanced acoustic solutions such as directionality, noise cancellation and digital integration

Design Innovation No Yes

Can be rapidly and cost-effectively designed and configured to meet the specific requirements of different device and system architectures

Manufacturing Efficiencies No Yes

Enable component reduction and subsystem integration and can be assembled using automated Surface Mount Technology processes

Standard CMOS Fabrication No Yes

Fabricated using standard and widely available CMOS processes and foundries, ensuring they are produced with the best available technologies, consistent quality and scalable capacity

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