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About Akustica - Management Team

Dr. Xu Zhu

Director of MEMS Engineering

Xu earned a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University, MS from University of Hawaii and BS from Tsinghua University, all in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. With 7 years experience in MEMS device and process development, he has broad interests in MEMS and its related fields, including inertial sensors, micro-fluidic devices, RF components, circuit design and micro-fabrication techniques. He demonstrated the first MEMS-based piezoelectric-actuated acoustic devices: an acoustic wave liquid ejection device and an acoustic wave liquid mixing device. He is a key researcher of post-CMOS processing development at Carnegie Mellon University. Xu initiated the project and team members in the SRC (Semiconductor Research Corporation) sponsored copper design contest and placed third out of 50 competitors in the US. He worked for the IBM Communications Research and Development Center to investigate the potential applications of MEMS technology in RF ICs. Xu holds and has pending over four patents in MEMS processing.

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