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Akustica's Chips are based on MicroElectroMechanical systems (MEMS) technology, a commercially proven approach to fabrication that integrates microelectronics with microstructures and electromechanical systems.

Unlike other MEMS Chips that are fabricated using captive, costly and cumbersome manufacturing processes, the starting point for the manufacture of Akustica Microphone Chips and Speaker Chips are standard CMOS wafers which can be produced at any standard CMOS foundry.

Akustica then builds acoustic membrane structures on each chip directly out of the standard CMOS metal/dialetric layers without needing to deposit additional layers of semiconductor material (i.e. polysilicon or silicon dioxide) or to employ complex and expensive techniques to bond or couple separate MEMS and CMOS chips together.

This patented acoustic CMOS MEMS technology enables fabrication of an integrated membrane or membrane arrays that perform the functions necessary to capture or reproduce sound (Click here).

Acoustic CMOS MEMS is a robust technology platform that offers numerous capabilities that disrupt conventional microphone and speaker technologies as well as other current discrete components necessary to capture, process and reproduce sound. Its capabilities include integrating multiple microphones or speakers onto a single chip, reusable or flexible designs, analog, digital and mixed signal chips, and programmable chips for advanced functions (Click here).

As a result of this dynamic technology platform, Akustica's chips create unique cost and performance advantages:(Click here)