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Outsourced Manufacturing

Akustica is a "fabless" semiconductor company. We develop advanced Sensory Silicon products and technologies, and outsource the actual chip manufacturing to industry leaders who specialize in fabrication of CMOS wafers. (This is possible because Akustica's proprietary acoustic "systems on a chip" are manufactured using the same industry-standard CMOS process used throughout the world to produce hundreds of millions of microprocessors, memories and other ICs every year.)

By harnessing the vast domestic and global CMOS manufacturing capacity, Akustica is able to economically and dependably meet the volume requirements of any customer, regardless of size or volume. In addition, by freeing us to focus on product development and technology advances, outsourced manufacturing allows us to accelerate innovation and even create specialized versions of our products for individual customers with relatively quick turnaround.

We have established manufacturing partnerships with industry leaders throughout the world capable of producing millions of Sensory Silicon chips per month.