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James H. Rock
Co-Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer
Jim Rock is the CEO of Akustica, a leading developer of innovative microphone and speaker chips that improve sound quality in cell phones and laptops.  Jim formed Akustica in 2001... » more

Dr. Kaigham (Ken) J. Gabriel
Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Gabriel is recognized worldwide as the architect of the MEMS industry.  In 1985, Dr. Gabriel pioneered the MEMS field and led the development of IC-based MEMS... » more
Stephen D. Harrell
Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations
Mr. Harrell joined Akustica after 10 successful years with Texas Instruments Semiconductor Group where he served as Director of Finance and Business Operations... » more
Michael E. Elchik
Vice President of Sales
Mr. Elchik brings to Akustica 18 years of executive sales management and business development expertise for technology organizations.  He led Client Development for... » more
Davin L. Yuknis
Vice President of Marketing
Mr. Yuknis brings 15 years experience in product line marketing and management of mixed-signal semiconductor components.  Prior to joining Akustica in 2004, he held... » more
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