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Features and Benefits


Akustica’s system-on-chip solutions enable a new generation of digital products through enhanced features and functionality:

  • Smaller and thinner – Reduced board space & smaller products
  • Surface mountable – Improved manufacturing efficiency and reliability
  • Low power – Longer battery life
  • Low RFI, EMI and vibration sensitivity – Higher performance and new applications
  • Uniform, matched response – Ideal for microphone arrays
  • Standard CMOS – For high manufacturability and quick design cycles
  • Platform for advanced capabilities – Including on-chip A/D and DSP


Akustica’s revolutionary system-on-chip solutions create dramatic improvements in voice quality by combining breakthrough microphone technology with integrated voice processing and multi-sensor clusters on a single monolithic chip. Among the benefits that our silicon microphone solutions provide:

  • Smaller and more reliable than current electret condenser microphones (ECMs)
  • Customizable with advanced sound capture features and noise reduction capabilities
  • Reduced component count
  • Increased manufacturing efficiency
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