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The Akustica AKU2000 is a surface mountable monolithic digital microphone that integrates a nine-membrane acoustic structure, analog pre-amplifier and sigma-delta modulator on a single chip. The output is a single-bit digital output stream that can be connected to downstream digital electronics for a high degree of flexibility and freedom. Acoustic performance of the AKU2000 Digital Microphone Chip is equal to or better than today's conventional analog microphones.

An important benefit of the AKU2000 is its reduced susceptibility to RF and electromagnetic interference. The monolithic microphone and data converter dramatically reduces parasitics at the analog stage, while the digital output eliminates transmission parasitics even over long distances. This allows product designers to create arrays of AKU2000 microphones that improve directionality, noise cancellation and other valuable performance characteristics.

In addition to all the features and benefits of the AKU1000 Analog Microphone Chip, the AKU2000 includes:

Integrated Sigma-Delta Modulator – For lower noise, shaping, etc.

Monolithic Solution – Integrated microphone, analog pre-amplifier and sigma-delta modulator reduce component count and board space, as well as RF/EM interference.

Reduced RF and EM Interference – Digital output eliminates parasitics, even over long transmission distances, enabling microphone arrays that increase performance.

Highly Matched Microphones – Enables high performance microphone array applications.

Low Power – Requires less power than an ECM and discreet sigma-delta modulator, for extended battery life.

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