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Software Test Engineer

The Software Test Engineer will be responsible for providing direction for new LabView software code(s) that integrate into custom hardware test solutions for MEMS microphones.


Responsibilities include:

  • Generating LabView software code(s) for various hardware equipment sets utilized in MEMS microphone functional testing.
  • Developing software scripting in VB (Visual Basic) and C++ for deployment into MEMS acoustic test protocols.
  • Developing software solutions for custom designed DUT (device under test) fixturing for MEMS microphone test and debug. 
  • Develop and publish documentation control procedures for all software code development.
  • Identifying, acquiring and implementing suitable software design tools. 
  • Cross functional work within the Test / Package assembly group to include training on all aspects of MEMS microphone testing.


  • BSEE / BSCS with 5+ years experience in the development of LabView software code(s).
  • Demonstrated ability in software scripting utilizing VB (Visual Basic) and C++ code methodologies. 
  • Demonstrated ability to implement LabView code(s) into R&D and full production test environments. 
  • Experience with documentation control associated with software code generation. 
  • The ability to work on several projects simultaneously in a multi-disciplinary team environment. 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experience working with cross-functional groups within an organization, i.e., Design, Reliability, QC, etc.


The company will create a compelling compensation package to attract a high caliber candidate.  The position should be viewed as an opportunity to be an early member of the core team building a world-class company.

To apply for this position, please send us an email with a cover letter, salary requirements, references and resume to [email protected]

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