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Akustica AKU143

Product Features

  • Omni-directional, analog-output microphone
  • 2.95mm x 3.76mm top-port form factor
  • Excellent acoustic performance of 65dB SNR
  • Uniform -42 + 1dBV/Pa sensitivity 
  • Super-wideband frequency response 
  • Faraday-shielded package for immunity to RF/EM
  • Lead-free, RoHS2 compliant, and Halogen Free in acordance with IEC62020-2-21

Target Applications

  • Smartphones
  • Headsets and other wearable electronic devices
  • Multi-microphone applications using noise suppression algorithms
  • IoTs acoustic sensor nodes

Detailed Description

The AKU143 is a top-port, analog-output microphone in an industry standard 2.95mm x 3.76mm form factor. Designed specifically to deliver superior performance for multi-microphone noise suppression in handsets and other mobile devices, the AKU143 offers a high 65dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and an inherently uniform sensitivity matching of just +1dB between microphones. The AKU143 delivers a matched wideband frequency response with less than 5dB variations from 50Hz to 14kHz for uniform audio capture across a broad audio spectrum. The packaging of the AKU143 provides a high degree of RF and EM immunity, allowing for easy integration into wireless devices.