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Dr. Wolfram Malzfeldt

Dr. Wolfram Malzfeldt

Director of Process Engineering

Wolfram Malzfeldt was most recently Director of Research, Development and Engineering at CTS, a global manufacturer of electronic components for wireless telecommunication, computer, and automotive markets. Prior to CTS, Wolfram held positions of increasing responsibility within Infineon, where he was the lead Infineon executive for the 64Mb, 256 Mb, and 1Gb DRAM Development Alliance between Infineon, IBM and Toshiba. He directed a combined engineering staff of over 300 with operating budgets of nearly $200M per year. The Alliance was responsible for the development, low-volume production and transfer of leading-edge DRAM design and process technology that resulted in multi billion dollar annual sales for Infineon, IBM, and Toshiba. Wolfram has direct managerial experience in all phases of product development including semiconductor product design, process development, process integration, test/characterization, quality assurance and yield enhancement.

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