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Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer

The Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer is responsible for being the point contact for the product quality and responsible for establishing corporate and departmental quality policy for various internal groups. This policy will provide guidelines for governing the internal and external (vendor) quality standards. The Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer will establish the acceptance quality goals with the new vendors. Also, this engineer will monitor the selected vendor quality through regular quality audits and established SPC quality monitors. This person will work with the customer service team to evaluate customer returns and assess product PPM failure rates and be responsible for driving the root cause identification and corrective action implementation with the design team or the respective foundry. This person will also drive the systemic quality issues with the appropriate internal or external teams, and will follow-up with the responsible groups till the closure of these issues.

Responsibilities include:

  • Foundry Quality Monitoring Program – Work with process engineers and production control team to establish monitoring criteria and line feed back mechanism.
  • Manage change management system by establishing levels of change and quality review board for change approvals.
  • Establish and manage corporate quality systems; Audit internal document control and corporate business and technical practices and procedures and make recommendations.
  • Establish and manage the crisis management guidelines and lead the internal crisis management team.
  • Work with inventory control to quarantine the affected material and ensure that all shipped material meets customer quality expectations.
  • Work with sales to recall affected material from the customer or distribution sites; Make arrangements for affected material replacement with the good material.

Relevant skills:

  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills; capable of interfacing with all levels of the organization; proficient oral and written communication skills.
  • Must possess good statistical data analysis and analytical skills.
  • Must possess good problem solving and corrective action driving skills.
  • Must be able to work with multi-site and multi-disciplinary teams; both internal and at vendor sites.
  • Must also demonstrate a strong business understanding and a good understanding of the product quality as it relates to the overall product cost.
  • Must possess strong leadership ability to lead other teams towards common quality goals and standards; work with manufacturing sites to explain the product causes and their respective ownership of the corrective actions.


The position requires a BS degree with 7+ years of relevant experience in the areas of product or quality engineering in Semiconductor and MEMS industries.

  • Strong knowledge of Quality Systems utilized in the semiconductor industry.
  • Must have strong customer interface skills and working knowledge of problem solving tools (eg: 8D process).
  • Must be experienced on working across multiple teams and organizations.


The company will create a compelling compensation package to attract a high caliber candidate. The position should be viewed as an opportunity to be an early member of the core team building a world-class company.
To apply for this position, please send us an email with a cover letter, salary requirements, references and resume to [email protected].

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