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Digital Microphone Evaluation Board


The AKU-EP1 is a stand alone evaluation platform that can be used for both quick and convenient performance verification, as well as for portable demonstrations of Akustica digital-output microphones. With the option of analog or digital data output formats, the AKU-EP1 interfaces easily to standard audio test equipment. An on-board oscillator provides a standard Direct Stream Digital (DSD®) clock (2.8224 MHz).

The three digital output formats supported by the AKU-EP1 evaluation board are:

  • Buffered pulse-density-modulated (PDM) digital-output from the digital-microphone output
  • Pulse-code-modulated (PCM) digital-output generated by the on-board 24-bit converter
  • AES3 output for direct connection to an Audio Precision analyzer

Analog line out (pin header and SMB jack) and a headphone jack with volume control are also provided.

Functional Block Diagram