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AKU142 (Top Port)

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Akustica AKU142

Product Features

  • HD voice analog-output MEMS microphone
  • 2.95mm x 3.76mm top
  • High performance 63dB SNR
  • Tightly matched -38dBV/Pa +2dB sensitivity 
  • Frequency response supporting super-wideband audio specifications (+5dB) 50Hz-14kHz
  • PSRR > 60dB
  • Faraday-shielded packages for immunity to RF/EM
  • Lead-free, RoHS compliant, and Halogen Free in acordance with IEC62020-2-21

Target Applications

  • Smartphones and mobile phones which require HD voice quality performance
  • Multi-mic arrays and noise cancellation algorithms which benefit from microphones with tightly-matched sensitivity and phase
  • Products designed to capture super-wideband audio with little to no frequency response variation from 50Hz-14kHz
  • Small, thin consumer electronic devices using more than one microphone

Detailed Description

The AKU142 is designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of mobile handset OEMs, & offers excellent acoustic performance with 63dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and a flat frequency response with deviations less than +5dB from 50Hz-14kHz, supporting super-wideband audio specifications. In addition, with the tight sensitivity matching of just +2dB between microphones, the AKU142 is ideal for use in microphone array applications where more uniform microphones lead to increased performance of noise suppression algorithms.