Akustica Advantages

Unique Technology

Akusticas unique CMOS MEMS microphones includes both the circuitry and the MEMS microphone mechanical structure in a single piece of silicon. The result is a monolithic microphone die that is less than half of the silicon area of the mechanical microphone die alone in the multi-die approach.

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In-house Design

Unlike many other MEMS microphone manufacturers who buy their MEMS and/or ASIC die from a third party, Akustica maintains a full in-house design team for the design and development of our products. This gives Akustica a complete understanding of the microphone system and the ability to innovate rapidly to develop custom solutions for our customers. This also puts us in a position to provide unmatched customer support by being able to quickly debug customer platforms during the design phase.

Applications Expertise

Our expertise extends beyond the microphone component to the full audio system and manufacturing environment of the final device. Akustica engineers regularly help our customers to optimize the performance of the microphone in their application. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide superior technical support from initial design and layout to acoustic modeling and testing and developing solutions for final acoustic testing during high volume manufacturing. Akustica also works to develop reference designs with our partners that enable our customers to quickly and easily take advantage of new products like digital microphones. The Akustica Certification program validates the functionality required for the integration of our products into new designs and ensures manufacturers a straightforward and seamless implementation of our products.

Thought Leadership

The challenge to improving voice quality lies in the complexity of today's electronic products and the new ways in which they are being used. It is more than just the right microphone technology that improves the quality of the sound delivered to the consumer - one also has to consider the software and/or networks with which the device will be used. At Akustica, we have worked closely with both hardware and software industry leaders for many years to deliver innovative solutions based on new market requirements and up and coming industry standards to ensure that our customers are able to deliver the highest quality voice solutions for your application.

MEMS Manufacturing Strength

As a subsidiary of the Bosch Group, Akustica is a part of a global, $60B+ company with a proven track record of delivering high volume, high quality MEMS sensors for the automotive and consumer electronics market.  Bosch has been active in the field of MEMS since 1988 and is one of the pioneers in the microsystem-technology. Several hundred different types – ranging from pressure and acceleration to yaw sensors – have since then been manufactured for the automotive industry. Bosch has currently  manufactured more than 1.6 billionMEMS sensors. and is the largest provider of MEMS sensors worldwide. As part of the Bosch Group, Akustca has been able to leverage Bosch’s world class capabilities and experience in MEMS design and high volume manufacturing to improve the throughput, quality, and costs for our current and next generation products. 

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