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Akustica AKU450P Microphone Family

Product Features

  • Industry standard bottom-port 3.5mm x 2.65mm x 0.98mm form factor
  • Single-membrane, high 65dB SNR microphones
  • Tightly matched -26dBFS with +1dB or +3dB sensitivity options
  • Metal lid package and digital-output highly robust to mechanical and electrical stresses
  • Lead-free, RoHS2 compliant, and Halogen Free in accordance with IEC62020-2-21

Feature Applications

  • Voice recognition or sound recording applications in mobile phones, media tablets, remote controls, cameras, IoT/Smart speakers, and other smart home accessories
  • Compatible with laptop industry digital microphone requirements for standard and premium products

Detailed Description

The AKU450P digital microphone is a next-generation, HD Voice quality digital-output microphone. The AKU450P provides a high 65dB SNR, a high degree of uniformity from microphone to microphone, and low distortion, enabling the optimum performance of noise suppression algorithms and subsequent speech recognition engines. The digital-output of the AKU450P is virtually immune to all forms of radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EM) interference. This allows designers the flexibility to integrate the component anywhere on the platform and obtain consistent SNR regardless of proximity to displays, Wi-Fi antennae, or other sources of interference that would otherwise degrade the signal of conventional analog-output microphones. Additionally, the performance of the AKU450P is highly stable and therefore its high audio performance quality is maintained over the lifetime of the end-user device.

The industry-standard footprint of the AKU450P microphone enables a straightforward drop-in replacement that upgrades the acoustic performance and reliability of current designs.