Akustica AKU2002C/CH

Product Features

  • Industry standard form factor
  • Virtually immune to RF and EM sources resulting in high degree of modularity among platforms
  • Multiplexed data output support stereo microphones on single wire
  • High PSR eliminates power supply noise
  • Reduce BOM cost and component count
  • Lower power system solution than analog microphones
  • Akustica-certified reference designs for Laptop PCs and other consumer electronic devices
  • Halogen free (2002CH), RoHS compliant, surface-mountable digital output microphone 


The AKU2002C/CH  is a top-port digital-output microphone that integrates an acoustic transducer, analog output amplifier, and sigma-delta modulator on a single chip.  With an industry standard 3.76mm x 4.72mm footprint, the AKU2002C/CH has been designed with enhanced robustness for improved manufacturing yields. Both the AKU2002C and the AKU2002CH  microphones are RoHS compliant. The AKU2002CH is also halogen free.

The AKU2002C/CH is virtually immune to RF (radio frequency) and EM (electromagnetic) interference, which allows placement in optimal acoustic locations regardless of proximity to displays, WiFi antennae or other sources of interference that would degrade or preclude use of conventional microphones. In addition, the single-bit digital output streams of two microphones can be multiplexed on the same data wire and connected to downstream electronics without shielded cabling or complex signal routing, providing the highest degree of design flexibility and freedom. The AKU2002C/CH are ideal for use in laptop PC's where the microphone array is mounted to an embedded camera module located at the top the laptop display.

The AKU2002C/CH is no longer in mass production and is not recommended for new designs.

Functional Block Diagram

Performance Summary

 Parameter Typ 
 Operating Voltage  1.8V-3.6V
 Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)  56 dB
 Sensitivity  -28 dBFS
 Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD+N)  2%
 Acoustic Overload Point  118 dB SPL
 Power Supply Rejection -57 dBFS 
 Sleep Mode Current Consumption (Clock off) 11 uA