Akustica AKU230

Product Features

  • High performance, omni-directional digital microphone with PDM (Pulse Density Modulated) output Industry-standard form, fit, and function for easy integration into existing designs
  • 3.76mm x 4.72mm x 1.25mm form factor
  • Robust digital-output immune to RF.EM interference
  • Highly-matched microphones in frequency and phase response for array applications
  • Sensitivity of -26dB
  • Ultra-low power sleep current
  • Pb-free and RoHS compliant
  • Halogen Free in accordance with IEC61249-2-21

Target Applications

  • Laptop computers and tablet PCs designed to support high quality voice applications and where a high degree of EM/RF immunity is required
  • Microphone arrays where noise cancellation and beam steering applications can be optimized by using closely-matched microphones in phase and sensitivity
  • Other small, thin consumer electronic devices using more than one microphone

Functional Block Diagram

Detailed Description

The AKU230, Akustica’s 4th generation of CMOS MEMS microphone, is a top ported, surface mountable, digital output microphone which can be used in any design that currently uses a 3.76mm x 4.72mm digital microphone footprint. Akustica’s digital microphones are the world’s first and only surface-mountable monolithic digital MEMS microphones that integrate an acoustic transducer, pre-amplifier, and sigma-delta modulator in a single chip of silicon that is only 0.7mm2.

The robust digital output stream from the AKU230 is virtually immune to all forms of Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) allowing the microphone to be integrated anywhere on the platform regardless of proximity to displays, Wi-Fi antennae, or other sources of interference that would degrade the signal of conventional analog microphones. For the manufacturer, this translates to the highest degree of design flexibility and freedom, and ultimately faster time-to-market.

The output of the microphone is pulse density modulation (PDM), a single-bit digital output stream which enables the multiplexing of stereo microphone data onto a single data wire. With a user selectable L/R channel option, the AKU230 is ideal for use in multiple microphone applications such as microphone arrays mounted on embedded camera modules in laptop PCs.

Performance Summary

 Parameter Typ 
 Operating Voltage  2.3V-3.6V
 Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)  56 dB
 Sensitivity  -26 dBFS
 Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD+N)  2%
 Acoustic Overload Point  118 dB SPL
 Power Supply Rejection -70 dBFS 
 Sleep Mode Current Consumption (Clock off) 11 uA